Konrad Magnus

Executive coach and process facilitator


Konrad's three main areas of expertise: Individual coaching, team process facilitation and verbal communications training. We create results through clear goals and functional roles.


He has many years of training with top international psychologists. He supports clients in removing their own imagined limitations, deepen their self-awareness and strengthening trust in their own resources. He enjoys a very high degree of client satisfaction. He has extensive experience with people who "over stretch" and "hit the wall" - and help them to regain balance in their professional and personal life.


Whenever a new member joins a team, a new team is created. Team work, team decision making, and team development is a multifaceted field. Konrad has studied group dynamics for years, and is a great support for any leader who wants and needs his team to strengthen their joint efforts towards success. He introduces methods for problem solving that makes sure opposing forces in a group is used as a resource for development, and not as a cause for destructive fights.


When Konrad asks a client what they struggle with, this is the first thing he will hear: “We struggle with our communication”. Konrad has great tools for eliminating the effects of destructive verbal communication. HOW you communicate in your role is essential. With an increased awareness of the effect of your own and other people's (changing) modes of communicating, you will become much more effective in your problem solving. This has been proved again and again through Konrad’s successful facilitation in challenging organizational settings, as well as between individuals in “fight modes”.

Konrad is a safe bet when you need sound advice or solid support in demanding situations. He often operates together with his very good colleague Kjersti Steinskog in Business Inspirator. Through their joint facilitation of teams, amazing breakthroughs happen.


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